JWF has a wide array of publications posted each week, by its competent research staff, for the readers to be informed of various sensitive issues that might be taking place at home or abroad. Our publication ranges from legal system, political imbalance, amended legislations & their effect, enforcement capabilities of the concerned government ministries, etc. As can be seen the issues involved are mostly in relation to important matters interlinked with human rights. Since we mainly focus on upholding the Bangladesh Constitutional Rights in line with Human Rights Conventions we try to include the publications that will increase awareness. As can be seen from the list of the publications many of the published materials include the legal decisions given by the High Court on the public interest litigation matters already done by the JWF. Through our publications we aim to allow people to assess the matters involved in the case being dealt with and if people require, inform us on the matters published at our contact email. The publications also include the comments as well as opinions of those closely involved in the work of the litigations through which we try to give it a hint of familiarity in the matter that had been dealt with.

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We, at the JWF, have over a members at the moment and are getting more every day, all of whom hope to help & protect the rights of people in need. You can also aid us in our fight against injustice as well as making a difference. Your efforts or your knowledge that you may provide will be used to shape lives of those in need and even allow those in neglect a fighting chance to fight for their rights. Our diverse team is full of energetic members and we hope all those enthusiastic to join us will know that working with us will provide you with valuable experience. Find out how you can get involved by following the link below.

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JWF is open to all bodies willing to be a helping hand to those in need. All of the donations provided to JWF will be used for the benefit of the people by employing various projects and tasks that might be undertaken. We believe that we are not the only ones enthusiastic to help the crying needs of people Remember every little bit of money helps those who may be in desperate need of them or getting legal remedy for any matter that they may be facing.Please click on the link below to choose the payment method as indicated.