Public Interest Litigation

The litigation team handles pro bono, Public Interest Litigation and legal aid matters, dealing with each in a successive response. Matters relating to Animal rights, Border case, Child Abuse, Murder, Women Rights, Government Negligence, Drugs, Corruption, Education, Environment, Immigrants, labor Rights, Medical Health, Torture and Minority are only some being dealt with by the JWF at the moment. Aside from the litigation aspect, JWF deals with dealing issues relating to legal notice for seeking quick remedies by informing the parties involved. The list of public interest litigations already undertaken includes:

  • On .19.07.17 the Foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation (being writ petition no.9644 of 2017) relating to preventing the use of unregistered & unsafe boilers used in garments which have a high likelihood of exploding. In a Garment’s factory at Kashimpur, Jaydebpur on July 4, 13 workers were killed in the boiler explosion which left many others injured. Garments being always jam-packed with workers working about can be quite a dangerous place should such outdated equipment be placed there. Alongside prevention of use of such boilers, JWF also sought a directive on the government for prosecution and punishment of the offenders responsible for the deaths and injuries of the workers at the boiler blast. Moreover, JWF also worked to accommodate the victims’ families in such situations with proper financial remedy in order for them to pick themselves up. This public interest litigation can be seen as quite the feat for protecting the hard working individuals involved in the garment’s factory, not only the ones from the present day ones but also the future.

  • On 25.07.17 the Foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation (being writ petition no. 10348 of 2017) relating to sorting out the morgue mismanagement occurring in a Medical College. The hygienic environment of the morgue was called into question due to intense smell and decomposing corpses inside the morgue that was reported by the newspapers to be occurring due to 3 of 4 of the freezers being broken while the air conditioners inside were not functioning at all. A morgue without such facilities can be considered a crippling one as neither the students nor the faculty staff were able to safely and properly use the morgue for its intended purpose. JWF applied to get the job done by applying to the High Court to immediately repair morgue freezer and air-conditioning. Such a writ is surely to impact the sentiments of keeping the corpses in proper conditions and give the loved ones of the deceased a peace of mind in the process. 

  • On 07.08.17 the Foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation (being writ petition no.11169 of 2017) which was in respect of environmental and ecological concerns. The illegal sand-lifting from the banks of the Rajshahi River was leading to soaring environmental concerns as the area around the river was being badly affected. Moreover, the people living in the vicinity showed concerns in regard to worsening ecological conditions as the fish and other wildlife surrounding the river were adversely affected due to such mindless activity. JWF’s public litigation lead the High Court to question the legality of the government's inaction and failure to take appropriate steps to stop lifting sand illegally from the bank of the Padma River in Godagari of Rajshahi. The Court directed to take immediate steps to stop illegal lifting of sand from various areas near the riverbanks of the Padma and to protect the areas from river erosion and damage of embankments at Godagari.

  • On 15.10.17 the Foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation (being writ petition no.14414 of 2017) regarding issue of Dhaka City Corporation’s Garbage Trucks transportation Policies, where the court issued rule against the Respondents by an Order dated 16.10.17. The Garbage trucks and vans that were being used to collect garbage had been previously doing so outside the scheduled time set for them and not covering the garbage while doing so, as per required by the authorities. Contamination in the atmosphere caused by the discharge, accidental or deliberates of a wide range of toxic substances. Often the amount of the released substance is relatively high in a certain locality such as large cities as Dhaka, so the harmful effects are more noticeable. The garbage usually fell off while trucks & vans drove around the city, during the busy hours of the morning, haphazardly and foul odor was spread increasing the likelihood of air-borne diseases amongst school children & office workers. The judgment as Stated by the Court directed the Dhaka City Corporation to properly transport the garbage in covered trucks or vans, whatever may be used, within the designated time in order to protect the health of its citizens and keeping the city clean.

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