Victim Support

Justice Watch Foundation strives to be the leading independent charity for people affected by crime and traumatic events. We work locally to support people affected by crime and campaign nationally to put their needs first. This particular wing of JWF deals with providing support to the victims, either emotionally or any other means, in coping with the impact of any criminal offence. Whether the crime involved domestic violence & abuse, fraud, sexual harassment, any other type of injustice or even a basic inquiry our doors are open to all in need of our help. Our services are free and available to all in need of them regardless of the offence being reported to authorities or not. We try to help the victims cope with the emotional traumas or legal services that might be needed by them at that particular instant and most members involved have had previous experience in this line of work. Through discussing your experience in a safe, confidential environment it can help you to cope with your emotions. It can help you make sense of what you've been through. We have specialist trained workers who will listen to you and support you, and unlike with friends or family, you don't have to worry about putting a burden on them. The work of this wing of JWF can in no way be termed as counseling. We talk about giving listening support – and most people find that it helps them move on from the crime. All the members of the team have a high morale and work towards helping all those in need of help, without any discrimination or prejudice towards any particular traits of the victim. However, some people do need counseling or other types of psychological help after a crime. We can help to arrange it if you think this is something you need. If you need medical treatment after a crime we can also help you to deal with the health service. If you’ve been injured through a crime, you may be entitled to criminal injuries compensation. While it won't help your injuries to heal, it may help you make adjustments to your life while you recover. We can explain how to make a claim and help you with any paperwork. To those of you who would support our cause we would greatly appreciate it as we require the generous support of members of the public to help even more people affected by crime and traumatic events. So, feel free to contact us anytime from the contact link provided below.

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We, at the JWF, have over a members at the moment and are getting more every day, all of whom hope to help & protect the rights of people in need. You can also aid us in our fight against injustice as well as making a difference. Your efforts or your knowledge that you may provide will be used to shape lives of those in need and even allow those in neglect a fighting chance to fight for their rights. Our diverse team is full of energetic members and we hope all those enthusiastic to join us will know that working with us will provide you with valuable experience. Find out how you can get involved by following the link below.

Donate Us

JWF is open to all bodies willing to be a helping hand to those in need. All of the donations provided to JWF will be used for the benefit of the people by employing various projects and tasks that might be undertaken. We believe that we are not the only ones enthusiastic to help the crying needs of people Remember every little bit of money helps those who may be in desperate need of them or getting legal remedy for any matter that they may be facing.Please click on the link below to choose the payment method as indicated.