Health Rights

Achieving the right to health is closely related to that of other human rights, including the right to food, housing, work, education, non-discrimination, access to information, and participation. Vulnerable and marginalized groups in societies are often less likely to enjoy the right to health. Labors and employers lack safety measures at their work places and in rural areas lack of sanitizations and problems causes health issues to the people .Most of the urban areas are also not safe for living causing Malaria, Dengu, Chikongunia, Flues and other diseases. Many people with mental disorders are kept in mental institutions against their will, despite having the capacity to make decisions regarding their future. Traditionally health was seen as falling within the private, rather than public, realm. However, this is a very vital human right of every human being which should be protected.

    Negligent Treatment 

With a high mortality rate and lowering public confidence on Bangladesh’s health sector many of the wealthy citizens go for abroad treatment but considering most people of the country are low-income groups such an extravagant option is not applicable for them. JWF has already started working on various health case matters in Bangladesh for all the citizens’ convenience and safety. JWF takes various awareness steps in allowing people to know of the various hospital mishaps and negligence caused by the hospitals on its social media posts.

    Pregnancy Treatments

Our core objective is the pregnancy and children healthcare and we consider both mother’s and children's rights to the top of the agenda and to put pressure on national governments to promote and protect these rights. We also do our best to empower local people to campaign for children’s rights in their country and promote the use of the law as a powerful advocacy tool. We work in partnership with international, regional and national coalitions, and strive to provide accessible information and knowledge on children’s rights to people and organizations around the world.

    Hospital Management

Bangladesh healthcare system can be said to be quite inferior in quality of service with many hospitals management being so poor & inadequate that even the basic guidelines of hygiene and cleanliness are not followed. One of the works in this regard is through Public Interest Litigation and it is mentionable that JWF has already made such litigation against a morgue for proper maintenance and repair of their freezers in order to preserve the corpses from decomposing. Other such works involve sending of Legal notice to the Hospital personnel informing them of any negligence on their part which may have or will likely cause inconvenience for the patients or visitors. JWF works to ensure that the Hospitals and Clinics are providing a hygienic environment with a standard level of service for the general public (which are to be in accordance with guidelines and regulations set by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Directorate General of Hospital).

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