Smile For Autistic Child

Autism is a highly variable neurodevelopment disorder that first appears during infancy or childhood, and generally follows a steady course without remission. One of the primary objectives at JWF is to help people suffering from such disorders into consideration and make awareness and an effort to make their lives a bit more simple and enjoyable for them. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop differently from other children. They also have challenges in interacting and communicating with others. They might have trouble understanding that other people can have different desires and beliefs from them. They might also find it hard to understand and predict other people’s behavior, and to understand how their behavior affects others. Seeing things from other people’s perspectives is an important social skill. These challenges can affect their development and learning which is likely to lead to a difficult life filled with hardship and avoidance from society. Our mission is to provide a quantum leap for the welfare and rehabilitation of children whose only fault is to have been born without normal faculties. Ensuring this welfare is the collective responsibility of a progressive and egalitarian society of which these children have a right to be an integral part. Our mission is- to make the students full of aspiration and hope; to be fully equipped to overcome any problem or difficulty and to strive ahead to be useful members of the society. JWF is dedicated to serving the needs of multiply handicapped children, and its principal aims are to maintain a motivated, dedicated and quality oriented team of professionals, educate and prepare multiply handicapped children to live within the community, having achieved threefold independence - physical, social and financial- to the best of their abilities, Provide therapy and counseling appropriate to their needs, actively contribute to programs towards building social awareness through appropriate media, conduct critical research in key areas of special education and training, provide expert legal advocacy to such persons and their families, establish and promote mutually beneficial relationships with international organizations which have similar objectives, contributing to the training and development of manpower in the field of special education, utilize science/technology to facilitate their physical and mental growth. Working by the above objectives has enabled our Foundation to grow from educating four children under a tent to becoming one of the most dedicated and known special schools in the country. JWF’s works is aimed at bringing a smile on the faces of these children and allow them to have a memorable childhood e.g. going to school, having proper meals, etc. We previously celebrated in the World Autism Day on 2nd April 2017 by posting a poster on our Facebook page to raise awareness. JWF’s post on Facebook was meant to encourage awareness amongst people to be aware of the challenges faced by the children suffering from autism. The initiative is aimed at allowing people to take their own initiatives towards the children who they may know having suffered the scorn & difficulties for being autistic.

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We, at the JWF, have over a members at the moment and are getting more every day, all of whom hope to help & protect the rights of people in need. You can also aid us in our fight against injustice as well as making a difference. Your efforts or your knowledge that you may provide will be used to shape lives of those in need and even allow those in neglect a fighting chance to fight for their rights. Our diverse team is full of energetic members and we hope all those enthusiastic to join us will know that working with us will provide you with valuable experience. Find out how you can get involved by following the link below.

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JWF is open to all bodies willing to be a helping hand to those in need. All of the donations provided to JWF will be used for the benefit of the people by employing various projects and tasks that might be undertaken. We believe that we are not the only ones enthusiastic to help the crying needs of people Remember every little bit of money helps those who may be in desperate need of them or getting legal remedy for any matter that they may be facing.Please click on the link below to choose the payment method as indicated.