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Blood Donation is one of the fundamental wings established by JWF in order to save lives of the citizens of Bangladesh who are in desperate need of immediate blood to save their loved ones in need of blood transfusion. Amongst the 99% maternal deaths that take place in developing countries, one-fourth is due to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). PPH accounts for one-third of all blood transfusions in Bangladesh where the transfusion process is lengthy as most facilities do not have in-house blood bank facilities. In this context, the location where blood is obtained and the processes of obtaining blood products are not standardized, leading to preventable delays in collecting blood, when it is needed. Moreover, the fact that many of the hospitals or blood banks carelessly store the blood bags without proper labeling, managing of expiry dates and use broken down freezers to store the blood bags amount to causing further woes to the patients who life & death hangs in the balance. There are also children who are affected by Thalassemia and in constant need of blood transfusions, which hinders them from having a normal life like other children. The disease called Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the body is unable to make adequate hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The disorder results in large numbers of red blood cells being destroyed, which leads to anemia. Survival of a Thalassemia affected person majorly depends upon life-long repeated blood transfusion every 2-3 weeks & daily costly iron chelating drugs. We ensure regular blood transfusions of the selected children with Thalassemia. We provide direct financial support to the children whose families cannot afford to pay for the treatment. By spreading awareness on Thalassemia and organizing Blood donation drives, we believe youth are going to come forward to help these children and donate blood. The donors are also dedicated in their efforts with many of them having rare Blood groups ready at the disposal for those in need of it. Our aim in posting the poster on Blood Donation was to increase awareness and raise initiative amongst people who have rare blood groups to come forward and help those in need. By doing so we believe that more people will take up the task of donating blood to blood banks & patients who may require them in times of crisis. We also plan to organize a blood donation camp and raise further awareness on the matter.

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We, at the JWF, have over a members at the moment and are getting more every day, all of whom hope to help & protect the rights of people in need. You can also aid us in our fight against injustice as well as making a difference. Your efforts or your knowledge that you may provide will be used to shape lives of those in need and even allow those in neglect a fighting chance to fight for their rights. Our diverse team is full of energetic members and we hope all those enthusiastic to join us will know that working with us will provide you with valuable experience. Find out how you can get involved by following the link below.

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JWF is open to all bodies willing to be a helping hand to those in need. All of the donations provided to JWF will be used for the benefit of the people by employing various projects and tasks that might be undertaken. We believe that we are not the only ones enthusiastic to help the crying needs of people Remember every little bit of money helps those who may be in desperate need of them or getting legal remedy for any matter that they may be facing.Please click on the link below to choose the payment method as indicated.