Dhaka Medical College Morgue

On .19.07.17 the Foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation (being writ petition no.9644 of 2017) relating to preventing the use of unregistered & unsafe boilers used in garments which have a high likelihood of exploding. In a Garment’s factory at Kashimpur, Jaydebpur on July 4, 13 workers were killed in the boiler explosion which left many others injured. Garments being always jam-packed with workers working about can be quite a dangerous place should such outdated equipment be placed there. Alongside prevention of use of such boilers, JWF also sought a directive on the government for prosecution and punishment of the offenders responsible for the deaths and injuries of the workers at the boiler blast. Moreover, JWF also worked to accommodate the victims’ families in such situations with proper financial remedy in order for them to pick themselves up. This public interest litigation can be seen as quite the feat for protecting the hard working individuals involved in the garment’s factory, not only the ones from the present day ones but also the future.

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